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Spinning Wheels & supplies
Spinning wheels come with lessons at no additional charge.
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More photos on request.

Cherry Irish Castle

Classy, yet simple, cherry Irish Castle wheel that's light enough to move around easily yet sits solid for spinning. The leather flyer bearings show little, if any use. She is a cooperative and smooth spinner. I tested her outside today, when taking pictures, and I didn't want to stop spinning....

Handmade by George Jischke
Flintridge Woodshop, Sister Bay, WI USA
December 1978 #70

- 19" drive wheel
- orifice height 25"

- double drive
- Ratio approx 8.2:1
- 1/4" orifice
- threading hook
- 1 bobbin
- wide treadle for two feet

Additional bobbins can be made for this wheel.

No shipping.




" Jenny"
Antique Norwegian Spinning Wheel

Beautiful old wheel in very nice condition. The pink yarn is my test run in progress. What a relaxing evening!

- 25" drive wheel
- orifice height 26.5"

-double drive
- 1 bobbin (more available $30/ea)
- distaff (unusual style; needs repair)
- no date or signature

No shipping.





Antique European Parlor Wheel

This rare find was rescued and restored to working condition by woodworker Erwin Nistler.

- 13" drive wheel
- orifice height 24"
- heart shaped table

- ivory decorations (some replacements)
- loose rings on turnings (10)
-bobbin lead
- 1 bobbin
- matching threading hook
- distaff
- no date or signature




No shipping.



Lehigh Valley Old Settlers Wheel
dark red milk paint - hand forged threading hook & tension knob
bobbin lead, ratio 7.6:1, 4 bobbins, bobbin length 6", no lazy kate
This handmade wheel was a trade-in, which I swear was never used. She spins wonderfully!


Miscellanous 'must-goes'


New Books

Fairy Time Knits (Amy Carroll & Denise Brown 1989) Enchanting storybook sweaters to knit for your child plus the favourite fairy tales to read. New hardcover in perfect condition. 64 pgs, lots of color photos. $14.95 + 2.50 mailing

Teddy Bear Knits: 16 Original Sweaters & Stories for Children (Mo Smith 1987) A story book and knitting book in one. An irresistible collection of original sweaters based on the adventures of Jed, a teddy bear in search of the rainbow! Pattern instructions in children's sizes for ages 2-9. New hardcover in perfect condition. 64 pgs, lots of color photos. $10.00 + 2.50 mailing

Used Books

American Patchwork & Quilting (Better Homes and Gardens 1985) Hardcover w/dust cover, 320 pgs, lots of color photos. A complete quilting book; how-to and patterns. $7.50 + 3.00 mailing


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